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The EAR's Hear Availablity
Description:The EAR is an outdoor microphone which connects to your existing stereosystem inside a home or office, allowing outdoor sounds to be heard clearly inside the house. The EAR is mounted outside in an attractive and protective pine box that looks like a "bird house" with a choice of a variety of attractive finishes. A 20 foot (1/8 inch stereo) cord, leads from the "bird house" and plugs into an indoor Adapter/phono output (included). The cord powers the EAR and delivers amplified audio.

Bird listening: Mount on wall near your bird feeder and enjoy the birds singing in summer or winter, in the coziness of your entertainment room. The EAR helps children (and adults) learn to experience and appreciate bird sounds and songs and the birds that make them. A note to serious bird watchers: The American Birding Association recognizes identifications by sight or sound.

Safety monitoring: This could SAVE a LIFE. Mount near where children play, they will feel safer knowing they can call you, and you will be able to enjoy and understand them better. The shriek of a personal alarm is more likely to be heard from someone inside, if someone outside is experiencing an emergency.

Weather: Advanced warning, hear distant storms approaching and take protective action, or enjoy the natural sound of the wind, rain and thunder.

Social: Indoor social settings and romance feel more like being outdoors in a natural environment.

Security: Hearing what's going on in and around your yard even when silent. This provides peace of mind.

Happenings: The sounds of car horns, sirens, helicopters, gun shots, explosions etc. that you may not normally hear can alert you to an important event in your neighborhood.

At the end of March while the lake was still frozen, I heard a lone Canada Goose fly over. Al Sinclair of the Muskoka Field Naturalists, told me of a back wood legend that the flock sends out a scout to look for open water, I may have substantiated this backwoods legend.At night I hear Owls, during the month of February the Barred Owl was particularly vocal. In early spring and throughout the summer at night and into the early morning the Common Loon is lovely to listen to. Early morning and into the evening song birds like the Robin, Goldfinches, and the very distinctive sound of the Eastern Phoebe.I have a Raven that I feed fat and the occasional mouse to. Sometimes the Raven comes around (we hear the wing beats ) and sits in a nearby tree and hear him calling, I check the trap and there’s a mouse, I think they can smell the blood.In the winter when everything is closed up it is really nice to lookout at the feeder and hear the birds there and up in the surrounding trees.Frogs and Crickets, an interesting event with a pair of crickets, one was outside near the microphone and another heard the cricket over the speaker in the house and came in to find it, so we had one outside calling to one inside.Distant trains, we hear a train whistle from five miles away. After an early snow we heard something crunching across the lawn and then, looked out to see three deer.

Technical Drawing
The EAR (Exterior Audio Receiver) is a high quality pre-amplified andfiltered exterior microphone powered by a 12 Volt adapter (never needsbatteries), and connected to your internal audio system via wire. The EARdoes NOT use radio transmission and will not transmit any conversationspicked up by the EAR except to your speakers, instead it uses higherquality direct wire connection. It is THE highest quality way of deliveringaudio to your speakers.
Price: Canadian $199.00 or Lease to Own for $9.99/month for 2 years.
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